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About Camping Gear Outlet LLC

Discover inspiration and resources to plan your next adventure.

This year (2024) marks 20 years since the original website was established in 2004. The original site was named and this domain was recently moved by its new owners to its current domain name

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the site we gave the site a new fresh look, expanded our offerings of quality camping gear products, and plan to continue the celebration throughout 2024 by passing along great sales and savings to our wonderful customers.

Our advice and after-sales service, combined with extremely competitive prices, continues to served casual and serious outdoor lovers – will you be next?

Our people

People and passion make all the difference

Behind the website are real people with extensive hiking, camping, and outdoor exprience.  Our staff even includes one of the members of the original team!

Rene’ has had a life-long passion for all things outdoors.  He brings decades of experience as an avid camper, hiker, backpacker, and fisherman.  His experience includes the swamps and marshlands of Lousiana, Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, Wyoming, the Piney Woods of east Texas, the hill counrty of central Texas, Big Bend west Texas and various others.   In more recent years his exploits have taken him deep into mountains of northern New Mexio and southern Colorado. 

From the owner

I  have alway ejoyed the outdoors and seem to have always enjoyed exploring places off the beaten path, and prefer places that are somewhat undiscovered and a challenge.   This wandering in unfamilar places takes me back to the days of my youth thrashing about  the swamp in SE Louisiana with soggy sneakers, no cell phone, no compass but, only a sense of direction from the location of the sun,  reaching farther and farther, exploring,  for no particular reason, just because.  In the vast untamed beauty of the outdoors I find myself once enjoying nature’s enless beauty and am again reunited with my inner child.  And  lets be real, its just plain good for the soul.

Wanderer, Chief Latrine Digger, Muddy Seaker Wearer, Owner
Camping Gear Outlet LLC

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