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Camping Games for After Sunset

If you’ve been enjoying a beautiful sunset while camping, that means you’ll soon find yourself in a dark campsite. Nighttime in the woods can be a startling experience, no matter how often you go camping. But just like in the city, wildlife comes alive at night! So, don’t let the darkness end your camping fun. […]

Dealing with camping gear anxiety

Buying camping gear can be a tough task. There are often hundreds of options to choose from, whether you’re searching for a new camping sleeping bag or a scrumptious MRE. I have a brother-in-law who works at an outdoor store and he told me that sometimes he feels more like a therapist then a camping gear […]

How to Get the Best Sunset Pictures

Since no trip album is complete without that classic sunset shot, it’s a good idea to take one on your camping trip. Plus, a photograph lets you share the beauty of nature and your campground with everyone who stayed at home. While we can’t all be professional photographers, we can try and fake it. Here […]

Where to Camp

If you’re lucky enough to live near a national park, state park, or provincial park, you can get in your car, fly along a highway, and be there pretty quickly.”Being there” (for most people) involves a fair amount of planning especially if this is your first time out and you can escape most of civilization […]

The Importance of Camping

Written by Steven Musumeche To many people, camping seems like an unnecessary luxury that has fallen out of style, but camping still provides a lot of skills and experiences no other activity offers. Camping is often dismissed as a luxury that’s no longer necessary in today’s connected world. Here are some reasons why camping remains […]

How To Clean And Store Your Tent

How To Clean And Store Your Tent Written by Dan Lawton Proper cleaning and storage will ensure that your tent will last a lifetime. Do it wrong and you'll be buying another tent soon. Nobody thinks about tent maintenance when they’re buying one, but the bottom line is that properly cleaning and maintaining your tent […]

Ground Rules for Respecting Nature

There is no garbage pickup in the wilderness; you’ll have to “pack out” most of whatever garbage you bring in. Bring plastic garbage bags for the purpose. Small sealable sandwich bags are useful for storing small amounts of garbage. In other words, expect to be a pack horse for your trash. When I was young, […]