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Amphibious trailer is ultimate piece of camping equipment

by Timothy Martinez Jr.

“I’ve always believed in the simplicity of camping because there’s almost nothing better than connecting with the outdoors on a primal and intimate level without the interference of modern contraptions. However, after I saw the video for the new Sealander amphibious trailer, I found myself mouth agape and yearning for this ultimate piece of camping equipment.

According to Popular Science, the Sealander is an amazing camping accessory that aims to leave as little footprint as possible while seamlessly morphing from a trailer to a tent to a boat. It gives campers a versatile and comfortable camping experience that’ll make even the most hardcore campers envious.

Check out an excerpt from PopSci:

“Inside the customizable Sealander (which will be available for purchase in 2012), seats become a deck, cooking and sink areas become heaters and refrigerators, and the roof peels back so you can sleep under the stars. You can take to the water and show off your waterproof pod-boat to all the kayakers, while an electric motor keeps you from floating out to sea.”

The trailer is small enough to hitch to a compact car without a permit or special gears, but as you can probably guess, it will cost you a pretty penny (upwards of $24,000).

This piece of camping equipment is obviously not designed for the camper who’s looking to enjoy a true camping experience by sleeping on the ground, hiking down trails before setting up camp or going to the back country.

Nevertheless, it is a great way to go on a camping trip while still having some of the basic luxuries of a hotel.

Still, you have to admit this is a cool, economical design that lets you go from camping on land to camping on a lake without much ado.

After seeing the video below (which is set to some epic music), you won’t do anything else but marvel at its awe-inspiring functions.”