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Where to Camp

If you’re lucky enough to live near a national park, state park, or provincial park, you can get in your car, fly along a highway, and be there pretty quickly.”Being there” (for most people) involves a fair amount of planning especially if this is your first time out and you can escape most of civilization […]

How to pick a good campsite

Written by Dan Lawton Picking a good campsite is one of the most important components of a fun camping trip. There are a number of variables that factor into whether or not you will have a successful camping trip, but none is more important than the campsite. Picking a good spot to pitch your tent […]

Desert Camping

Written by Timothy Martinez Jr. While the desert offers a unique camping experience, its harsh weather conditions make it important to plan ahead and prepare for a brutal environment. Here are some key tips to remember before going desert camping. For the camper who is tired of venturing into the woods, desert camping can be […]

Best Camping Sites for Climbers

Written by Liz Childers We know that the climb is the key factor when you’re choosing a destination. But getting a good night’s sleep near your climb is hard to beat, too. These climbing sites have great camping nearby. For climbers, the mountain is the destination, while a sleep site is secondary. Because we understand […]