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Camping Games for After Sunset

If you’ve been enjoying a beautiful sunset while camping, that means you’ll soon find yourself in a dark campsite. Nighttime in the woods can be a startling experience, no matter how often you go camping. But just like in the city, wildlife comes alive at night! So, don’t let the darkness end your camping fun. Here are some ways to stay entertained after the sunsets.

CampfireIs there anything more natural to camping than a campfire? A roaring fire at your campsite is a wonderful gathering point for your whole crew. It also adds warmth and cooks your dinner food. After dinner, roast marshmallows in the fire. Sing campfire songs or tell campfire stories around the blaze. Just remember to properly distinguish embers before you head to your tent.

Hide and Go PeepWhile it’ll be far too dark for a classic game of hide and seek, this variation still has all the fun. Choose a seeker and have everyone else go hide somewhere in or around your campsite. Since the seeker will not be able to find anyone by sight, people hiding should “peep” every 30 seconds. If your group doesn’t like the idea of making a peeping noise, an alternate idea is to hit sticks together; just be sure the sticks are large enough that they’ll make a loud noise that the seeker can hear. Before you play, make sure your campsite is free of anything that the seeker could run into or trip over.

StargazingSince camping gives you such a great escape into nature, stargazing is a must. The total darkness of a campsite means that in a cloudless sky, the stars will be very visible. Try to identify well-known constellations like the Big and Little Dippers. If you find the Big Dipper, follow it to the North Star, too.

CharadesYour campfire should provide enough light to play charades. Just like with normal charades, divide into teams. On small pieces of paper, write words of different things. To be in theme, you could only write things relating to the woods, like “deer” or Into the Wild. Have the actor stand opposite the fire from his team to act out his “thing.”

Catch firefliesCatching fireflies is a great activity if kids are on the camping trip. You may want to plan ahead and bring a mason jar with holes cut into the top. The kids can catch as many fireflies as they can get their hands on, and keep them in the jar. The fireflies will make a natural nightlight later in the tent. 

Bug WatchIf you’re into more creepy-crawlies than just fireflies, try bug watching. Tie a white sheet or any light-colored fabric you have to a tree limb. Spread it out so you have a canvas of sorts. Use your flashlight to shine light onto the canvas. Bugs will inevitably come to the light. Watch how they follow the light when you move it or try to identify the different types.