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The Gear for a Good Night at the Campsite

When you’re packing for a camping trip, it’s important to remember two things. The first is that the woods are surprisingly dark at night. The second is that, without buildings and roads to hold the sun’s heat, temperatures can plummet at night – even if the day was hot. Besides the obvious items like sleeping gear, these two factors mean there are a few essential equipment items you’ll need to get through the night happily.

While a flashlight is great and a lantern can be beneficial, a headlamp is the most practical light for camping. Hands-free lighting is hard to beat. It gives you two hands to build a fire, unzip your tent or cook dinner. The best headlamps have three adjustable straps. These ensure the lamp will stay comfortably on your head, but can also adjust to fit over a something larger, like a winter toboggan.

A fleece is an excellent cold-weather item of clothing. In the fall and winter when you need warmth on the trail during the day, a fleece is perfect. Even when wet with perspiration, fleeces allow their wearer to retain body heat. They also dry quickly. Because fleeces are also generally lightweight and can pack small, they are perfect for hot days and cool nights.

Fire starter
If you cannot create a campfire at night, your camping experience could be ruined. Matches work well, but are damaged if they get wet – something that could easily happen on the trail. A lighter also works well, but can break or run out of fuel. The most reliable way to create fire is with a fire starter: an artificial flint or magnesium and steel or iron. When struck together, a spark is created – no matter the temperature or dampness. With a fire starter, you can have absolute certainty that you’ll be able to start your campfire before the sun sets.

Night vision equipment
While not a necessity, campers may like to add night vision goggles to their equipment list, especially since the prices have dropped lately. Night vision goggles allow the wearer to very clearly see their surroundings in the dark. They can be beneficial should you want to view wildlife around the campsite or even go fishing. For practical purposes, they making night time bathroom trips and campsite repairs or cleanup much easier.