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Camping Gear for the Big Game

by Liz Childers

“When I think camping, my head is generally filled with thoughts of crisp air and sunsets seen from around a campfire in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And I’d venture to guess that most of you Camping Gear Outlet fans have similar reactions. On this eve of the 2011 NFL season’s kickoff, however, I’ve started to have other ideas. Maybe it’s the Southern blood in me, but the fall always leads me to have nothing but gleeful thoughts of tailgates and winning rivalries. While football games don’t let me enjoy the solitude of a good hike through the mountains, they do involve, well, camping out. That is, for the game. Whether that means an setting up an RV near the stadium 24 hours in advance or an anxious few hours parked on my couch watching pregame shows followed by the actual battle, football season requires me to bring out some of my best camping gear.

And, trust me, I’m all ready for this weekend. Beer is in the fridge, a new bag of charcoal is leaning against the grill, and I’ve stocked up on all the essential foods. And, of course, I’ve had my Saints jersey on all day, and my Alabama jersey is ready for Saturday (thanks to Mark Ingram signing with the Saints, I’m working on ways to consolidate my team apparel). If you’ll be donning your team’s colors this weekend, but haven’t gotten the game day essentials, don’t worry! Here’s a checklist of all the gear you need to cheer your team on from your den or from your standard tailgating locale. And remember, to look like the ultimate fan, grab these items in your team’s colors or with the logo!

You cannot have a game day party or tailgate without a grill. Hotdogs and hamburgers are the standard noshes, but even fancy fans will need a grill to cook their pork belly for pulled pork sliders. If you’re the designated chef for a whole crew, look for a big, portable grill with fully extendable legs. If you can get away with a smaller grill, you’ll definitely have an easier time storing and moving it. Any camping stove is great in this situation; just set it on your tailgating table and start feeding the fans.


Any tailgate or game day party needs at least one cooler. Think about your needs before you make the purchase. A rolling cooler is your best bet if you’ll be tailgating or walking any distance to set up your cheering station. Plus, these are always made of strong plastic, so they double as an extra seat for any fellow fans who stop to say hello. If you’re traveling down the street to watch the game at a neighbor’s house, grab a soft cooler. Since they’re lightweight, they are much easier to carry than the bulky, hard ones. And if you’re just staying put on your couch, think of buying a stand cooler. They are ideal for keeping your iced beverages at an easy-to-grab level, so you won’t have to take your eyes off the screen and reach for a cooler that is low to the ground.

Camping chair
Even the most dedicated fans get tired legs after hours of game day prep work and frantic cheering. Don’t risk ruining the fun. Make sure you and all of your tailgating crew have chairs. Camping chairs are great for taking to the stadium parking lot. They fold up small and have carrying cases for easy transportation to and from the car.

Camping tables make the perfect tailgating accessory. They fold to fit in your truck or RV. But once you’re at the game, they open to hold a portable TV and all the great food you brought!

You cannot forget chips and dip and food for the grill! If you want to get really into the theme of the day, get some snacks that work with the teams playing. Like if you’re hosting a party tonight, make a few cheesy appetizers, like Nachos, in honor of the Green Bay Packers, and then serve guests red beans and rice in recognition of the New Orleans Saints.

Is there anything you consider an essential for watching your favorite team?”

Camping Gear for the Big Game – Lost in the Woods