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Looking for an exciting new camping trip Try the Queen’s backyard

by Liz Childers

Windsor Castle visitors shouldn’t expect to see Queen Elizabeth unzipping the entrance to any Coleman tents on a warm morning this August. Visitors will, however, catch glimpses of slightly less coifed heads rolling out of their tents.

The Queen of England agreed yesterday to allow Windsor Great Park to serve as a campsite during the 2012 Olympics. William built the Conqueror Windsor Castle in the 11th century. The green space that makes up the Windsor Great Park was meant to supply the King’s court with deer, boar, fish, and woods.

Stretching south from Windsor Castle, through the Great Park and to a statue of King George III, is the Long Walk. The campsite is located here, beside the Long Walk.
The thrill of camping in the Queen’s backyard is not the only appeal of this campsite. On site catering is also offered, as well as see theatrical performances The Pantaloons, an open-air theatre group.

The campsite is within 2 miles of Eton Dorney Lake, the site of all rowing and flat water canoeing and kayaking Olympic competitions.

For any camping lover who enjoys traveling to new camping destination, this is a great opportunity. Take a summer camping trip, pitch your tent here in the English countryside, and enjoy the outdoor activities of the area – you don’t even need to attend the Olympics.”