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Plan a Romantic Camping Getaway This Valentine’s Day

by Liz Childers

Today is Valentine’s Day!

If you just thought to yourself, “obviously,” then you already knew that it was Valentine’s Day. However, if you are feeling a bit panicky and have a special someone in your life, then it’s time to lean on our shoulder. Lost in the Woods is here to help you plan a romantic Valentine’s evening for your favorite camping partner.

Choose your destination
Is there a camping destination you have both been dying to try? Stop dragging your hiking boots through the mud and make the plans. Book the plane tickets; reserve a camping site – whatever it takes to make that camping trip happen in the near future. Since you two have talked about going to the camping destination together, it will be meaningful to your Valentine that you thought about those conversations (you were listening!) and made plans to go together.

Get the gift
Your Valentine’s gift should be some new piece of camping gear. While something like a camping tent is not your normal romantic gift, tonight it will be part of a large romantic plan – and that will be very much appreciated!

Set the mood
Unless you live in the tropical areas, the weather outside is just not optimal for a romantic camping trip tonight. This works in your favor, since you can plan the trip for later. However, you can still have a camp out in your house, even if you don’t sleep in the tent! Set your camping gear up inside – if you have a fireplace, then that is a great location to set up “camp.” Put a bow on the present, so your sweetie can recognize it as the present immediately even if it’s opened and in use. Put a card with it and, inside, write about how you “cannot wait to use the new piece of equipment on your big trip to” wherever you have planned to go!

Make gourmet camp food
To continue the theme, make camp food for your Valentine’s dinner. If you’re good with the Dutch oven, then you know how to fix nice food, anyway, so this should not be a struggle! Cook some nice filets and open a bottle of wine while you snuggle in front of the fire in your camping chairs.