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18″ Half Dandy Saw

(11 reviews)
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18″ Half Dandy Saw



Looking for a reliable and versatile saw to take on your camping trips? Look no further than our most popular size, designed to fit easily into your backpack while still being long enough to handle most wood cutting projects in camp. With a light offset and steep tooth angle, this saw is highly effective on both bone and wood.


~ Saw length: 21″
~ Blade: 18″ x 2″ high grade Swedish saw steel.
~ Light offset and steep tooth angle for efficient cutting of wood and bone.
~ Handle: 5″ x 5″ x 7/8″ single handle, reinforced Baltic birch
~ Scabbard: Water repellent, polypropylene, belt loop for easy packing
~ Great for clearing just about any obstacle in your path
~ Perfect size for quartering large and small game
~ Maintenance: Keep oiled, 10º bevel
~ Lifetime warranty

Additional information

Weight3.00 lbs
Dimensions24 × 6 × 4 in

11 reviews for 18″ Half Dandy Saw

  1. Richard S. (verified owner)

    Love it, saws through bone and wood with ease, doesn’t bend or break.

  2. James G. (verified owner)

    This is a great saw!

  3. Neal B. (verified owner)

    I examined & used a saw of the same brand & size during a trip to work a trapping line with a friend in Canada. We carried them on ATV’s to clear the trapline path & they worked extremely well, cutting trees & branches up to 10 inch diameter quickly, with minimum effort. After returning from my trip I searched the internet for the saw & found the best price on this site. Delivery was prompt & service was most courteous.

  4. Tim L. (verified owner)

    This is a great saw! I like the sleeve. It fits in and it is lighter than I expected. I did expect the handle to have more finish but it cuts well and is comfortable to use.

  5. Rebecca C. (verified owner)

    Love this saw! I carry it in a saddle scabbard when I’m trail riding and it’s easy to use.

  6. Linda R. (verified owner)

    I have used this saw for years. I have never had to replace the handle or blade. As stated it is a hardworking saw. I use it on pack trips into the back country where broken equipment is unacceptable. I never go without this saw. The handle is comfortable to use and it cuts great. I love the wooden handle. It feels good in the hand.

  7. Jessica A. (verified owner)

    Without doubt, the BEST handsaw I have ever owned! Have worn out six “store bought” handsaws this past year, cutting small diameter firewood, but this Dandy saw cuts much better and faster than any of the big name brands I have tried. Will keep this one sharpened, and order a new one when needed. Thanks for a great tool to add to my tool box.

  8. ron a. (verified owner)

    i got this for my son in law because i have one all ready and he always needs one_x000D_
    i love mine ,so i think he will get good use with this one

  9. Happy C. (verified owner)

    Perfect saw , just what I was looking for . This saw carries easy and goes through wood so good I am so glad I bought this saw .

  10. Dan M. (verified owner)

    Saw itself is great but the sheath leaves about 2″ of sharp teeth uncovered which is certain to destroy anything they come into contact with… Hard to understand why they didn’t build a proper sheath for such a well built saw… I’ll have to jury-rig some sort of covering for the top of the sheath (but I shouldn’t have to fool with it).

  11. Ben P. (verified owner)

    It is a great saw. Quality and value

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