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5 Camping Tents Are Far From Boring, But Still Keep You Warm and Dry

by Liz Childers

“Camping tents are incredibly functional – thank goodness. But sometimes you just want to let your creative side enjoy the camping experience. Thankfully there are a few camping tents out there that allow us to indulge our imaginations while still staying dry and warm. These tents are very not boring.
Cheese, Please.

A big wedge of Swiss cheese might not be the best food for your next backpacking trip, but this A-frame tent may just fill your dairy cravings. This cheese tent, manufactured by Fieldcandy, is incredibly realistic — and proves it with a mouse wiggling its way inside. The tent sleeps two cheese loving campers.
Tent Frisbee

Whether you hate the process of putting poles together or are looking for a new campground game, you will enjoy tossing this tent in the air. The Decatholon 2-second tent is, quite literally, no assembly required. Toss the tent in the air and watch it land fully set up. You cannot find an easier tent than this!
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Here Comes the Sun

Why not take full advantage of the great outdoors during your camping trip? The Orange Solar Concept Tent is fully equipped to harness the sun for a fully powered camping tent experience. The solar shell can be adjusted during the day to get the maximum amount of sun that will give you a heated floor at night – perfect for cold fall camping night! – and a wireless charging dock.

If You Missed Out On the ’60s

The era of Woodstock has long since passed, but music festivals are a dime a dozen. If you love camping and music, chances are you enjoy spending time at one of the fests. So, you might as well embrace the experience and hop into your own VW Van…Camping Tent. This waterproof, 4-person tent is a genuine replica of the iconic van. Your tent will be easy to pick out at the festival!
Parallel Park

Cross-country backpacking and suddenly hitting an urban setting? Don’t worry about finding a green space for camping; just park your car tent! This tent is meant to look like a car cover, so you can sidle on up to any curb and pitch your tent for the night.