Written by Dan Lawton
Looking to add romance to your camping trip? Here are five tips for making your camping excursion a passionate one.

Camping has many functions. It can be a break from the monotony of urban life, a reminder of the peacefulness of nature, or even a test of survival skills. But, there’s one quality of camping that is often overlooked: romance. Here are 5 ways to ramp up the romance on your next camping trip.


Whether it’s tiki torches, homemade beeswax candles or cleverly decorated citronellas, having more flames than a campfire is a great way to add romance to a camping excursion. Toss a candle on a picnic table and even the barest meal transforms into a romantic dinner. Want to spice things up even more? Consider adding a bouquet of hand-picked flowers.

Wine, champagne, schnapps

A bottle of wine or champagne adds romance to any camping experience. Whether it’s a carefully selected bottle of red wine to compliment grilled fish or a bottle of bubbly to wash down a box of chocolates, a few tasty alcoholic beverages are a great addition to any romantic camping trip.

And if you’re camping later in the year, consider bring a flask of schnapps to keep you and your significant other warm.


Nature can provide plenty of delicacies while camping. You can catch your dinner from the nearest stream or lake, and in some cases you can find some edible berries for breakfast. But unless you’re camping in South America, chances are you won’t find a cocoa plant anywhere near your camp site. A box of gourmet chocolates is a great way to sweeten up your next camping trip.

Canoe or kayak

They’re not just for sports and recreation. Leading your significant other to a lake and rowing them around for a few hours can be the most romantic part of an outdoor vacation. If you don’t own your own canoe, see if you can locate a rental at a lake near your camping spot. Just remember to wear your lifejacket!

Picnic basket

If you’re camping in a tent, chances are that every meal you eat while camping will be a picnic. Bringing along a picnic basket (filled with food, of course) allows you to hike to a special spot to enjoy a meal. It will be a nice break from the campsite, especially if you’re camping for a week or more.

A high-quality picnic basket can also make it much easier to carry your supplies. If you have a heavy load, you might want to even consider a heavy-duty picnic backpack.

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