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Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? Airs on National Geographic Fall 2012

Who could build the better sleep shelter in the middle of the woods: a former Boy Scout or a current Boy Scout?

National Geographic Channel will answer this question during its new fall lineup of shows. Are You Tougher than a Boy Scout?, which debuts in the fall, puts current Scouts and formers Scouts in challenges based off of the Boy Scout Handbook.

While the show should be exciting to watch no matter what, the casting includes an interesting twist. These adults are not just former Scouts; they are Scouts who were very close to earning their Eagle Scout Badges, but did not make it.

“I was three badges short of my Eagle Scout badge, and I know I am not alone,” says Producer Thom Beers in explanation as to why this adds to the show’s excitement,  “This series is going to allow people like me one more chance to achieve such an incredible milestone.”

Beers’ production company, Original Productions, is no novice to getting dirty for TV. Among the production teams numerous well-rated shows are Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers. These shows have done incredibly well for History Channel and Discovery Channel and National Geographic is hoping their new choice in production will pay off for them as well.

Since this is the first time the Boy Scouts have lent their name to a TV show, one question has to be asked: what do the Scouts get out of this?

Chief Scout Executive Bob Mazzuca said in Scouting magazine, “This is a wonderful, unique opportunity to demonstrate the fun, value, and challenge of Scouting to audiences who might be wondering what Scouting today is all about.”

And as Beers also said, “it’s authentic, has a fun and interesting set of circumstances and underdog characters with a story to tell. And frankly, who doesn’t love the Boy Scouts.”

The show is currently filming its six-episode first season. Look for it to hit your TVs in the fall.


  1. Sounds like a great concept. I am looking forward to seeing this show. I have been a Scout / Scouter for most of my life. The ‘twist ‘ is interesting to me. I earned my Eagle Rank in the late 1970’s but only got recognized for it in 2011, so I was one of these guys for a long time.

  2. I think this tv show will be great exposure for the Boy Scouts. I am a long time Scouter and Eagle Scout (Class of ’87). This show will bring Boy Scouting to the forefront again. Scouting truly helps turn boys into confident young men and makes them feel apart of something.

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