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Common camping gear mistakes to avoid

by Daniel Lawton

“For many campers, camping gear mistakes, miscues and boneheaded decisions are as fundamental to camping as a roaring fire and campfire songs. In fact, even camping experts and wilderness enthusiasts occasionally make the wrong decision in regard to camping equipment.

If you’re a novice camper, it’s likely that you’ll fall into a number of the most popular mistakes that new campers make when deciding what camping gear to bring. Don’t fear, here are a few common camping gear miscues to watch out for.

Packing too many camping clothes
It’s great that you own a jacket that’s capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures, but there’s no reason to bring it to a camp out in July. Too often, beginning campers take preparation to an uneccessary level by camping for every possible contingency. You don’t ever want to not have adequate clothing, but by stuffing your camping backpack with too much clothing will achieve nothing except for a backache

Not Bringing a Camping Lantern or Flashlight
If you’re setting off for a camping excursion, it may not click in your mind that the glorious sun that’s illuminating your path may not be there for long. Don’t rely on fire light for your only source of light; make sure you bring either a camping flashlight or a lantern along with you to light your way.

Bringing a camping tent that’s too tiny.
Breaking in a new tent for the first time is great, but it’s an experience best suited for your backyard and not out on the trail. Often, new campers trek out into the wilderness only to find that the family-sized tent they just purchased barely fits their two kids. Make sure you check out your tent beforehand to ensure that it’s not only the correct size, but that it also doesn’t have any rips, tears or broken parts.

Bringing the Wrong Kind of Food
When people think of camping gear, they often don’t think of food, but they should. Food can be a heavy burden to bear in your pack, so it’s crucial to make sure that you keep you provisions minimal, but that you still have enough grub to keep yourself sustained. Consider snagging some MRE’s or freeze-dried food the next time you go on a camping trip, as these supplies can

Forgetting Matches or a Lighter

Unless you’ve got the skills to build a fire from rubbing two sticks together, it’s probably a good idea to bring along some matches and a lighter to get that camp fire going. There’s nothing worse then eating cold S’Mores!”