Written by Dan Lawton
Here are some camping accessories you don’t want to forget on your next camping trip.

Camping is one of life’s purest getaways. Whether you’re a city-slicker or a farmhand, returning to the basic means of survival for a day, a week, or a month is great way to promote peace of mind. Here are some camping accessories you don’t want to forget on your next camping trip.

A pocket knife

Whether you need to fillet a fish, slice an apple, cut a rope or uncork a bottle of wine, a pocket knife is a camping necessity. Often overlooked, never underappreciated, make sure you bring your pocket knife with you when you venture into the great outdoors

Cooking Gear

If you plan on fishing, you’ll want to have cooking gear to fry up a fresh fish or two. If you don’t catch anything, at least you can cook up some eggs and bacon in the morning. A cooking set can range from a few pots and pants to a portable stove and will always come in handy, even if you don’t plan on getting hungry. A single pot or pan and a warm fire can also be used to turn questionable water into drinking water.


Necessary for keeping warm on chilly nights, a camping blanket can also provide a clean place to eat your lunch, or be used as a makeshift rope or tourniquet in worst case scenarios. You can even use a camping blanket to create some shade, if you’re trying to take a midday nap and need something to block sunlight out of your tent.

GPS unit

Sure, sometimes a compass will suffice, but a GPS unit is a crucial camping accessory for long treks and multiple-day trips. Not only is it a good way to ensure you won’t get lost, but a GPS unit will also help you locate that perfect camping spot next time you’re searching for it.

Fishing gear

Nothing compliments camping like fishing. If you’re headed to an area that has fishable lakes or rivers, make sure to bring your fishing pole and fishing gear. Whether you catch a monster or nothing at all, fishing is always a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.