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Get your scouts and family outdoors with a geocaching adventure

by Timothy Martinez Jr.

If you’re looking for a great way to get your family, kids or troop on an exciting outdoor adventure, a new phenomenon called geocaching is just the thing for you. Geocaching has exploded in popularity over the last decade because of its thrill, journey and outdoor fun.

For those who have never heard of this activity, it’s basically modern-day treasure-hunting using a GPS device. The great thing about geocaching is you’re able to do it pretty much anywhere since there are more than a million caches around the world.

Although there isn’t money or many prizes in the geocache container, there’s usually a logbook to put your name in. It’s kind of a triumph to succeed and find one since the journey is the reward. So, now that you’re curious and want to start yourself, here’s how to do it.

How to participate

It’s really easy to get information about geocaching locations. There are a bunch of websites that feature geocache locations, but two of the biggest are and There are actually a bunch of variations on geocaching, so it never really gets old. If you want to register on one of these sites, you and your child could document all the geocaches you find and search out more.

What you’ll need

The most basic piece of equipment you’ll need is a GPS device. You can actually upload some of the geocaching information straight to your GPS. Now, many smartphones also have the capability of getting geocaching information, including a couple geocaching apps.

Why geocaching is a great activity

You might still be wondering how geocaching is a great family activity. Well, aside from the obvious answer that geocaching is an exciting journey, it’s actually exceptionally educational. You get to use vital map/GPS skills, really engage with the terrain on an intimate level and feel the accomplishment of writing your name with the other explorers in the logbook. It’s great for exercise, a good way to pass the time on a camping trip and really appeals to kids. Instead of telling your kids or scout members you’re going on a long hike, you can let them guide the way on a journey.