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Make Your Valentine a Happy Camper: Camping Gear Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is conveniently positioned just before Spring fever begins. For me, that means it’s almost time to pull my camping gear out of the mothballs and start planning a few camping trips. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, hopefully your Valentine shares your love of hiking, camping, hunting, climbing or whatever your alfresco thrill may be. Since you’ll both be feeling that itch to get back outside in the nearing Spring, a Valentine’s Day present that relates to your shared outdoor love will be perfect.

Picnic Backpack
Rest assured your romantic Valentine’s Day will be continued at your next camping trip if you have a new picnic backpack to take along. One of you can carry the camping gear in a standard camping backpack, while the other can tote a sampling of cheese, some chilled wine, and something delightful for dinner. It will all be perfectly ready to be eaten once you’ve set up camp!

Double folding chair
Your next camping trip will get an added hint of amore when you have this double folding chair. With its two connected chairs, you can sit in comfort, close to your Valentine, and watch the sun set over your campsite. Bonus: the sturdy table that connects your two chairs will be perfect to hold that bottle of wine you brought along in your picnic backpack.  

Dutch Oven
Any camping trip can be romantic if you have the tools to cook a nice meal. A Dutch oven is the first step to cooking fancy meals over a campfire. Pack nice filets and all the ingredients for baked potatoes in your cooler. Using their new present, your Valentine can cook a romantic meal of steak and potatoes right at your campsite!

Picnic Blanket
A picnic blanket is an instant improvement to a campsite. With a waterproof backing, a picnic blanket can turn a muddy forest floor into a cozy place to curl up in front of a fire or enjoy a snack along the trail.

Two Person Tent
The gift of a two-person tent will make sure your Valentine knows you’re ready to cuddle up. A tent is also a great gift if the two of you have only considered camping, but never laced up your hiking shoes. This will give you a push to get going and spend a night or two in nature.

And remember: Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for the couples. If you have a hiking or climbing club, do a Valentine’s take on Secret Santa (Clandestine Cupid?). The rules are simple: get together with your friend in advance, set a price limit, and draw names from a hat. On Valentine’s Day, take a nice hike together and exchange your camping presents!


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  3. […] Make your Valentine a happy camper with these with ideas from this camping gift guide! […]

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