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Pack Your Camping Backpack and Take a Spring Break Trip

by Liz Childers

“Spring fever hits people across the country just the same. If you’re in the fortunate states that have spring weather in March, then being inside on a beautiful day can make you kick your feet at your desk – school or office. And if you’re still wading through a sludgy winter, the chance to head into warmer climates can taunt you for weeks.

Well, it has finally arrived. Spring break season officially kicks off this weekend. For many, that means an onslaught of sunscreen smells and clothes that never seem to lose those last grains of sand.

For you, however, it could mean a breath of fresh campground air, a chance to break in that new camping tent, and a good opportunity to put some mileage on your camper or over-packed car.

Whether you are a student packing up the tombs of knowledge for a week or you are a parent that is lucky enough to take off work for at least part of your kid’s break, think about it. You have a week or a long weekend to head somewhere warm. Why not do it by camping?

Beach campsites are available from the sunny shores of Florida to the sunset soaked beaches of California. Spending the vacation at a campsite is far preferable to a stay at a hotel or rented condo. Your campsite will likely be right on the beach or within walking distance. This makes it much easier to enjoy beach sunrises and evening cookouts by the water. You also will not have to worry about finding parking at the public beach, so you can reduce any stress that might creep into the relaxing trip.

Just like with any camping trip, a spring break spent camping will save you money in comparison to the alternative. Your RV or tent and the campsite is a much cheaper residence for one week, than what you would pay to stay at a beach condo or hotel during the increased spring break rates. Plus, you save money by cooking at the campsite, rather than eating out.

So celebrate the warm weather of spring and bring your sleeping bag out of the mothballs. If you plan to go camping this spring break season, let us know where you are heading!”