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Taking a Christmas RV trip? Bring the decorations along!

Liz Childers

I was watching Christmas Vacation last night and came to a fairly obvious realization: this is a great time for an RV trip. Cousin Eddie’s RV is not exactly an inspiring ride, but he has the right idea. With the kids out of school and the chance of a semi-long vacation from work, why not make the camper your vehicle of choice this weekend. Head to whatever family you are visiting for Christmas and make a full trip out of it, stopping at some campsites on the way home next week.

If you do take a Christmas RV trip, you have to take the decorations with you. Here are a few ideas for decorating the camper.

Hang Your Stockings
Hanging stocking from the mantel or along the stairwell is a tradition most family’s keep. Because traditions are such an important part of the holiday season, be sure to take the stockings on the road. You could hang them from cabinet handles or pin them to curtains in the RV. You could even use small suction cup hooks to hang them on your RV windows or other smooth surface of the camper.

Buy a miniature tree
A regular Christmas tree is not going to fit in your RV. But if you’ve already decorated at home, then you’ve at least been able to enjoy a real tree. Be sure you still have a tree of sorts on Christmas morning by getting a small one. A rosemary tree or a fake, miniature tree both make perfect centerpieces for the table of your RV.

Hang Garlands
You can still get the wonderful smell of Christmas greenery by hanging garlands around your RV. Hang them in tight loops so they aren’t in the way of pull-down beds or oft-opened cabinets.

Don’t forget to hang a Christmas wreath on the grill of your RV or from the side door so you can share the holiday spirit with everyone you drive past!