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The Cave, an Inflatable Tent Without Poles

Daniel Lawton

I swiped this from the Awesomer (via Gizmodo), because it’s pretty neat and definitely worth checking out. Heimplanet has just released a video promoting the Cave, a tent that can be erected without poles. Apparently, it uses a pump and can be fully inflated within a minute.

The tent has an inflatable diamond grid and five separate sections, meaning that if one section gets punctured and breaks, the other four will stay in tact. It can sleep three and sit six and is scheduled to be released in February.

It’s a pretty stellar idea if it works.

Of course, there’s no way the tent could ever match the promotional video below, which after giving you a brief look at the product, suggests that purchasing it will transform your life into a melange of riding waves, sitting on majestic bluffs, watching seagulls, dancing with pretty girls at concerts, and last, but most important, staring ironically from a car window as the landscape slides by.