Written by Steven Musumeche
To many people, camping seems like an unnecessary luxury that has fallen out of style, but camping still provides a lot of skills and experiences no other activity offers.

Camping is often dismissed as a luxury that’s no longer necessary in today’s connected world. Here are some reasons why camping remains such an important activity for adults and children.

Creates Respect for Environment

People of all ages are finding themselves increasingly stuck indoors or tethered to an electronic device. Immersing oneself in the outdoors helps people connect with nature in a way that’s not possible while surfing the web or even walking at the park. This is especially important for young people because they’re the ones who will be tasked with protecting the environment.

Teaches Survival Skills

Basic survival skills are taken for granted. No longer are people able to find their own fresh drinking water or start fires with tools. Even though we are smarter than ever, our basic knowledge and ability to survive in the wild are lacking. Camping helps teach these essential skills.

Fosters Independence

Venturing outdoors makes adults and children less dependent on the crutches of everyday life. For example, children no longer have video games or technology to fall back on for entertainment on a camping trip. This promotes creativity and independence.

Provides an Escape

Escaping from the world—even for a few hours or nights—is a key experience to cherish because it offers an opportunity to reflect. It also enables campers to replenish themselves from the pressures and stresses of work and school.

Encourages Exercise

If none of the previous reasons were compelling enough, the physical activity of camping should be. According to a recent study by the CDC, more than a third of adults are obese with an even more alarming 17% of children and adolescents afflicted with obesity. Going camping forces you to walk and use your hands—all while having fun.