Written by Timothy Martinez Jr.
Beach camping is one of the most refreshing camping experiences available. Beaches make fantastic spots for camping because of the variety of recreational activities they have to offer.

With the ocean breeze, soothing sound of waves and smell of fresh air, beach camping is one of the most refreshing camping experiences possible. Beaches make fantastic spots for camping in the summer and spring, because the ocean offers a range of recreational activities not typical to traditional camping, such as swimming, cliff climbing and surfing. If you’re interested in embarking on a beach camping trip, here are a few tips for maximizing your experience.

Find the right spot on the beach

As with any camping trip, some planning is required. Since there are a variety of beach camping locations, you should first decide what type of trip you want to take. At many beaches, like some in California, there are designated camping spots suitable for RVs and tents. These campsites typically make beach camping easier, because they provide amenities, such as showers, bathrooms and fire pits.

But, for those seeking an independent adventure in secluded spots, it’s important not to set up camp just anywhere. You should avoid areas that are exposed to high winds, because it makes setting up tents difficult. Select a site that’s slightly sheltered by rocks, cliffs or trees. Also, stay clear of wetlands near the beaches, because they are usually breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects.

Bring the right items

Aside from the five essentials you should bring on any camping trip, there are a few additional items you should take on beach camping trips. The first is drinking water. Despite being surrounded by the ocean, you should never drink ocean water, because it is dangerous to the body. Instead, you should plan on bringing enough water to last you the length of the trip.

Second, you should take a tent. Though many beach campers opt to sleep directly on the sand, tents can provide an added comfort. Dome tents are ideal for beach camping, because they are easy to set up and come in various strengths and styles. Third, remember to take along protection from the sun, whether it’s a beach umbrella or sunscreen lotion, so you don’t get sunburned. The last item you should remember is towels.

Plan for fun

Beach camping offers a whole set of activities that are not available on traditional camping trips. Swimming, snorkeling and surfing can all be done in the ocean. There are also activities you can do out of the water, including constructing sand castles, hiking along the beach, cliff climbing and searching for objects hidden in the sand.

If you’re bringing your kids on your beach picnic, just make sure you supervise them around the ocean. Even in the shallows, sharp currents or rip tides can be dangerous.

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