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Winter camping in a yurt

by Daniel Lawton

Here’s a cool article from the Toronto Sun about yurt camping in Ontario, Canada. If you’re unfamiliar, yurts are small, circular huts that were traditionally used by Mongolian and Turkish nomads in Central Asia. Today, they’ve become a popular winter feature of many recreational areas.

Many yurts, including those in Ontario’s various parks, have a number of modern perks, such as electric outlets, heaters, tables and chairs. They are also often furnished with bunk beds and mattresses.

One of the reasons that yurts are popular is that they allow campers to experience the beauty of the great outdoors without having to lug around pounds of camping gear. They’re especially good for families with children.

Even if you’re not currently residing in Ontario, there are plenty of other national parks and wilderness areas that feature yurts, such as Oregon State Parks, Washington State Parks, Idaho State Parks and dozens more.

And, if you’re really smitten by the yurt, you might consider living in one. Yurts are spacious and comfortable dwellings and a number of different online retailers sell them. Prices range from $5,000 to $10,000, or if you’re exceptionally handy, you could even try building your own.