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Would you go cabin camping?

by Daniel Lawton

The other day, I wrote about people who hate camping trips. A recent article in USA Today may have the solution for those who want to get a taste of the outdoors, but aren’t in the mood for roughing it.

The piece is about how many campers have traded in their tents and sleeping bags for swanky cabins and lodges, creating a more comfortable environment that is still, in many ways, similar to a camp out.

They rent a lodge with a bathroom, indoor shower, kitchenette, microwave, barbecue grill, and, of course, beds. The moms take turns relaxing and making meals; the kids swim and bike. At night, they sing around a campfire and toast marshmallows.

According to the article, the move toward cabin camping has been driven by a number of trends, such as work demands, less flexible schedules and gas prices.

And yes, people are bringing their laptops as well.

The Lazy River campground at Grandville offers not only wireless Internet and cable, but also activities like ziplines and magic shows.

Some of these new-age accommodations seem to defy the spirit of camping, which for many is enjoyable because of its austerity. However, park officials say that many of the campgrounds that offer more luxurious accommodations are receiving a much higher number of visitors than they were before.

I’m kind of torn when it comes to the whole issue. The allure of a soft bed and a hot shower is quite a temptation in contrast to passing out on a tent floor, but I have all of those things available at home.

Camping, at least for me, has a certain asceticism to it: by depriving yourself of some of the creature comforts of the artificial world, you get closer to mother nature.

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my sleeping bag over a yurt or a lodge.