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Into Car Camping or Spontaneous Road Trips? You’ll Love Sportz Camping Tents

As the warmer months quickly approach, it’s hard to hold back the urge to get into the great outdoors without all of our cumbersome winter gear. Whether you like the open air of the woods or prefer the open road with your windows down, you’ll love Napier Enterprises’ Sportz tent line. I have been enjoying it because it is the best way to have a spontaneous adventure!

These camping tents are wonderful for car-campers or anyone who takes impulsive car trips that might just end in a night spent on the road. Why are Sportz tents so great for this? Because they make a tent to fit most trucks, SUVs, CUVs, minivans, or hatchbacks. Sleeping in one of these gives a new meaning to “high and dry;” not only are you raised off the ground thanks to your car, but the tents are also, of course, water resistant and keep you bug free.

Patented features include a sewn-in floor, and the removable vehicle sleeve for the models that fit SUV, CUV, minivan, and hatchback vehicles. Essentially, this transforms your vehicle tent into a ground tent in a matter of seconds. The sleeve entirely removes from the tent with one zip, leaving you with a spacious, fully functional ground tent. By having the removable vehicle sleeve, you avoid unnecessary wear on the vehicle tents and ensure a longer lasting, more versatile tool to keep in your adventure arsenal.

I also like the tent because it is so easy to install when I’m ready to sleep for the night. The set-up time is under ten minutes, and they provide a detailed design that makes the tent incredibly usable. The benefits of sleeping off the ground, the ability to use my car for more than just driving, and, of course, the money saved from skipping hotels or motels during a road trip make the tent even better. Sportz by Napier is truly designed for the great outdoors and for all you spontaneous travelers and campers!


  1. Price? Ford F250 short box

  2. I have a 2004 Ford Explore, I would like some info on a tent for it, thanks

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