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Nature Photographer Dominique Lalonde Talks with Lost in the Woods

by Liz Childers

“Dominique Lalonde is a Canadian nature photographer whose wonderful pictures capture some of our favorite campsite friends in their natural habitats. If you enjoy the interview, check out Dominique’s website and follow his blog, Wild Encounters, for more pictures. On your next camping trip, consider making a camera part of your camping gear. You never know what animal you could photograph when you unzip your camping tent.

Before we begin, tell me a little about yourself.
I am passionate about nature and all the wild creatures. I have photographed nature for fifteen years and became a wildlife photographer 5 years ago.

What made you interested in wildlife photography?
One day when I was driving on the highway, I saw thousands of migrating Snow Goose in a field alongside the road. I was so impressed by this natural phenomenon that I decided to capture such beauty on film.

How did you first start photographing nature?
Since the day I saw those migrating Snow Goose, I have developed a passion for nature photography. I learn by practicing, and I have read several books about photography.

What have been your favorite subjects to photograph?
I never photograph captive animals. I love the reward of a photo of a wild animal in its natural behavior. My favorite subjects are elusive animals like Fisher.

A Fisher

What is your favorite place for photographing?
My favorite place is not a destination, but habitat. My preference is marshes because they have a great diversity of life.

How do you prepare for photographing different species and is it important to know a lot about the subject to capture it well?
I read a lot about the species I want to photograph. I think it is very important to know a lot about the subject, as it will help to be at the right place at the right time.
Red fox

Are there any places or subjects that you really want to photograph, but have not had the chance yet?
The subject I dream to photograph is the Lynx. It is such a beautiful mammal.

Have you had any close or dangerous encounters with the wildlife you are trying to capture?

I think the most dangerous mammal is a bear, and I have see only one. Fortunately, the bear was far away from me.
Mallard duck

What advice can you give to amateur photographers who want to try their hand at wildlife photography?
My best advice is to learn with books or a basic class on photography and a lot of practice and patience.

What made you start your wildlife photography blog?
I start a wildlife photography blog to share my entire wildlife discovery and to better understand this beautiful biodiversity.”