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swissRoomBox Combines Tent Camping with RV Camping

mping fans are typically divided into two categories: RV or tent. Tent camping is the basic, traditional way to sleep outside, but can require a good deal of packing as you load all your gear into your car or camping backpack. RV camping, of course, requires the big investment of buying a travel trailer or motorhome. If you make the investment, however, you have a home on wheels that ensures you have all the comforts of home available to you on a camping trip.

Just as the country had the ingenuity to invent the ultimate multi-purpose pocketknife, a Swiss manufacturer has created a product that makes your actual car into a multi-purpose camper. The swissRoomBox, which draws its inspiration from Swiss Army Knives, bridges the gap between tent campers and RV campers.

The swissRoomBox looks like four red plastic storage containers stacked on top of each other. In actuality, it is a shower, gas-cooking stove, dining table, and sleeping bed for two all stored in the trunk of your car.

By sliding around and pulling out various parts of the swissRoomBox, you are able to use the different functions. Fold down your car seats, and you can fold out a bed with two pillows and sleeping bags. Pull out the shower curtain, attach it to your open trunk hood, and use the extendable showerhead for a hot shower. Wash your vegetables in the kitchen sink before chopping them on the counter space, which conveniently unfolds immediately next to the gas stove. Serve dinner on the table that is easily constructed from RoomBox parts.

The swissRoomBox’s press release boasts that it can be mounted in your car and ready for use in less than 15 minutes. Models fit compact cars, minivans, station wagons, 4x4s, and most SUVs.

Since this borders on “too good to be true,” I watched the product videos on the swissRoomBox website. Check them out for yourself here. The bad news is that it is not available in the US yet, but the company is working to get it here.


  1. Kinda gimmicky im a solid tent camper but i think the idea is good just looks a little flimsy or even cheap from what i see in the picks

  2. I like it. As long as its made from a sturdy plastic or wood. I am always overfilling my truck so the more I can compact things the better.

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